Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lend Me Your ... Earring?

I seem to be having the worst luck with earrings this month. Two and a half weeks ago, I lost my one of my Texas star earrings in the temple's baptismal font. Somehow between dunks, my right earring came dislodged and the ultra strong pump The Church strung for sucked the tiny star off to oblivion. We searched for the tiny bit of silver, but at the end of the night, I left the temple one earring short of a pair. I wore those earrings everyday, and only took them out to wear costume jewelry earrings to church and things.

After I came home, I traded out my one earring for the amazing, gold swirls that my little leprechaun, Red, brought back from Ireland for me. I have been rocking those since...yesterday! Walking through Best Buy, I noticed yet another right earring was missing. I combed the entire carpet but my search was in vain. What am I twelve? Seriously, I cannot keep track of my possessions?

I am sad at the lose of two earrings that had so much meaning to me. Then again, it does sound like a built in reason to do some shopping. If you have any suggestions on a set that could be my new signature earrings, please let me know!